What the F*#% – a visit to Gordon’s Place

You have likely all seen Hell’s kitchen. You watched in amazement as Chef Ramsey berated his wanna be top chefs into something better than they were before they met him. After watching a few seasons of this, it got tiring.  Big ego, lots of noise, but where is the beef?  So, we thought we would give it a go. In the Savoy, they have a Ramsey restaurant.  Savoy, Ramsey – what could go wrong?  As it turns out, the food could. Gina ordered a traditional British roast pudding and I ordered a steak. We split the side orders of spinach and fries. Gordon should take lessons from the crew over at the Mandarin on fries. His fries wouldn’t pass for acceptable out of any chip-wagon.  I cannot even use language appropriate to describe his roast pudding. Greasy flour coating dried up beef bits. Sad. My steak was excellent, but it was hard to compensate for the other disasters. For desert, I chose a walk on the wild side (why not at this point)? Welsh rare bit. A delectable, if over salted, crostini and baked cheese.


I’m afraid Gordon’s team came up short and Chef R should have a good look in the mirror next time he yells at his staff.   


One thought on “What the F*#% – a visit to Gordon’s Place

  1. Already have my story and answer. Too bad as his reputation could go down hill quickly. Well, you at least had the experience and now all of us won’t be thinking we missed a big thing by missing his restaurant.

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