And Now the DInner

Okay, so there may have been some confusion over the last post titled Dinner in Edmonton which didn’t actually contain any details about dinner. I can explain. Well at least I think I can. Sometimes Technology SUCKS.  Connecting a Samsung Galaxy table to free airport wireless sounds easy and for the most part it is. But tablets connect to PageMill are lacking a few things … spellcheck and any real ability to TYPE.  The sorry excuse for a keyboard that you finger point to on a tablet is a far cry from the tactile titillation of a good old laptop. Fortunately Gina brought her MacBook Air. Pretty darn good, but still connected to a mediocre online tool.

Enough ranting.  More about dinner. Three letters – OMG. Seriously OMG. A little place in Edmonton called the Canteen.  We got there early. The young lady asked if I would like a beer while waiting and that I looked like a Chimay type of guy. She was right – my own little beer angle. Many of you might not know what a Chimay is. Long ago, a bunch of Franciscan monks started stomping hops instead of grapes in Belgium. That lead to a heavenly beer only produced in one spot in the world, the monasteries of Belgium.  Only recently have they been shipping it overseas. For the first 500 years or so, it never made it much past the boarders of Belgium – which has the highest rate of alcoholism and an average age of drinking of 3. But the beer is heavenly.

After Gina’s son and girlfriend arrived, so did the food. It matched the beer.  Chick pea fries. Who has even heard of chick pea fries. They looked like good old hand cut french fries but they sure didn’t taste like it. Dipped into a lovely red pepper sauce they were like fries on steroids. The other appy plate was a delightful selection of yummy morcels including shinkenspec (german bacon), pickled asperagus, chorizo that had been curing for at least since the last time Beatles played together and some raw goats cheese that ran onto the crostinies.  I almost forgot – the chicken pate with tapenade on top.  Good – pretty amazing if I may say. Nice warmup for the main.

I had the duck. Gina had the braised short rib. Confession time. I’ve never been able to get duck right. That balance between crispy and medium rare meat is an art. This duck was succulent, bathed in a sauce to die for and came with risotto fritters stuffed with goat cheese and deep fried.  These guys nailed it. Gina has alway been queen of the short ribs. She’s received marriage proposals from other guys (while I was standing there) over her short ribs. We were both trying to decide if we could get the chef to join us for Italy. The ribs were kicked up to places our mouths didn’t know we could go.

Dessert – oh ya. It was a must do – and Chad and Terry were treating Gina to belated Mothers day. Did I mention they are great kids!  Desert included an orange-almond crusted bread pudding. Gina shared milk chocolate ice cream over a cross between a cake and pudding.  OMG OMG …

Not a bad start to our culinary adventure.  I’d be looking up the Canteen in Edmonton if you’re out on a day pass for a hot date.


3 thoughts on “And Now the DInner

  1. We were so excited to meet up with the two of you for dinner, and even more excited that we “popped”our Canteen cherry together! Can’t wait to follow you through your epicurious journey, and even more so, to see you again in a few weeks!

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