After a year of careful preparation

Planning is key … let the adventure begin. It started with a musician playing soft italian music in the living room. It floated outside to the deck and had Gina intrigued. What would it possibly lead too? Fast forward a year – the countdown is on – two more sleeps – well three actually but I doubt any sleep will occur on the third night.  Then the adventure begins!


10 thoughts on “After a year of careful preparation

  1. Interesting… the blog… the suspense,, and the idea… we should exchange culinary note one evening over an Italian night at our place…

  2. Ok….so now the dream vacation has extended beyond Italy…..the Savoy for 4 nights and the 7th ranked restaurant in the world (Dinner with Hestor Blumenthal)….oh and we managed to get into a cooking lesson at one of Jamie Oliver’s places and a chef’s table with Gordon Ramsey…TOTALLY AWESOME! We are on the waiting list for the 13th restaurant…..the Ledbury. So many places to visit. Will keep you updated.

    Fahad …will send you a pic of the sunglasses I pick up in Vancouver….Rick, wish you and Geri were with us…..Sherry, good luck on yet another keynote (I am sure you will be amazing as usual….it is truly your best strength and gift to the world)!

  3. Have a safe and fun filled vacation. I am sure you will be thinking of us as you are sipping into a nice cold one…:)

  4. Awesome! Am sure you’ll have an amazing time in the UK, go for boat cruise in the River Thames, from the London Eye to Canary Wharf..and experience the beauty of the Architecture, old and new 🙂

    Have a wonderful experience !


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